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Fever Dream is an online art magazine dedicated to emerging artists who discuss the complexities involved in environmental and social issues. Our mission is to provide a platform for these artists to showcase their work and engage in critical discussions. Our magazine covers a wide range of art forms and conversations with a diverse group of people. We believe that art fills the space of understanding, communication, and critical introspection.


Be a part of the conversation.

Our Name

Fever Dream represents the sickened state of our planet. Our earth is experiencing a rising fever, driving climate change and social collapse. While a fever dream is usually one of panic, confusion and nightmares... we believe that dreaming is a fundamental part of finding solutions, creating awareness and fighting for action.

Get to Know Us

Fever Dream aims to explore how the planetary crisis informs artists and their practice. Through conversations with creatives we investigate their thoughts, feelings and behaviours surrounding social and environmental issues that are encompassed by the planetary crisis.

At Fever Dream, we're committed to exploring the many issues that arise from the planetary crisis. We strive to showcase a range of perspectives on social and environmental issues, highlighting the ways that artists are engaging with these critical issues. 

climate change,      biodiversity,     extinction, ecology,     colonisation,      climate justice,     climate anxiety,     mental health,     food security,    housing,  waste,     energy,     capitalism,    wealth disparity,    war.

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At Fever Dream, we're proud to feature the work of a diverse group of emerging artists. Some of the artists we feature include:

Bonnie Lee,

Chloe Tabone/Faery Hexes, Saskia Van Pagee Anderson.

If you're an artist interested in being featured in our magazine, please reach out to us at



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