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Fever Dream Conversations 

Conversations with artists discussing their art practice and ideas surrounding the planetary crisis.


Bonnie Lee

Bonnie Lee is a multidisciplinary artist based in Naarm/Melbourne, working with ceramics, sculpture, paintings and illustrations to explore complex social and environmental topics. With a surrealist style, Bonnie uses symbolism to create a visual language to communicate and engage with an audience about concepts of sustainability and queerness. Both Bonnies’ art practice and lifestyle is influenced and informed by their keen awareness of environmental crisis and their eagerness to act sustainably.


Chloe Tabone/ Faery Hexes

Chloe Tabone, (aka Faery Hexes), is an artist based in Naarm (Melbourne) who creates surrealists works exploring themes of sexuality, mental health and the climate crisis. With the use of symbolic imagery, she examines the overwhelming world around us and portrays a deeply sensitive exploration of her own experience in it. Informed by a reflective understanding and awareness of social and environmental issues, Chloe is able to depict the complex, beautiful yet fractured, world around us.


Saskia Van Pagee Anderson

Saskia Van Pagee Anderson is an artist living on Dja Dja Wurrung Country in Castlemaine. Her practice explores a deep connection to materiality in sculpture and installation. With a deep and considered connection to her work, Saskia utilises contrasting textures and materials to represent bodily and conceptualized themes. Viewing her tactile and immersive works, you can’t help but wanting to touch, inspect and explore the emotive spaces she creates.

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